Workspace Clip Geoprocessing model

I’ve had a few requests in recent training courses for a model that will clip a base dataset to a specific project area. Say, for example, you have several regional datasets like roads, rivers, cities, and vegetation, and you need to clip them all to your study area. What’s a quick and easy way to do it? I recently found this great geoprocessing model called Workspace Clip.

This model takes base data stored in a workspace  folder, geodatabase, or feature dataset, and creates a subset based on a study area. If, for example, I have an urban planning project for an area in Wollongong, I can run the model to create a subset of my regional data based on my project boundary. You can see the output below. The top image shows the original dataset, and the bottom image displays the clipped output.

The model quickly created base data for my new project, so I can begin analysis and planning faster!


Keera P

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