Geotiff issue in version 10

If you are having issues with GeoTIFF images that were viewable in ArcGIS 9.3.1 but not visible in ArcGIS 10 read on!

  1. Click Customize on the Main menu and click ArcMap Options (or ArcCatalog Options, depending on the application you are using).
  2. Click the Raster tab in the Options window.
  3. Within the Raster tab, click Raster Dataset and check the Use world file to define the coordinates of the raster check box.
  4. Click OK.

The Tif images are now viewable in ArcGIS Desktop 10! See this help item for more information.

Why doesn’t ArcGIS 10 automatically read the world file?

GeoTIFF images have internal georeferencing in the form of GeoTIFF tags that store geospatial information for the image. If present the GeoTIFF tags “trump” any georeferencing information specified in the world file, unless the option “Use world file to define the coordinates of the raster” is checked. If a source does not contain any coordinate system or georeferencing information or if the file does not exist, the next source is used. The priority is:

1) Image Header
2) AUX file (has the same name as the raster, with an .aux extension)
3) World file (for a TIFF: .tfw, for a JPG: .jgw, etc.)

For more information please refer to this link:

Keera P

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