Melbourne Developer Meetup

Thanks to those that attended the Developer Meetup in Melbourne last night.  Even bigger thanks to the speakers that did some excellent presentations.

  • Thom Mackey kicked the night off with an interesting talk around the new stuff with Python at 10.1.
  • Allison McKnight followed with a talk around ArcGIS Runtime which led to some discussion around ArcObjects/Engine/MapObjects.
  • Simon Hope from Geoplex did a talk on their exporter extension for ArcGIS Server which allows you to export your data into GeoRSS format.  slides here.
  • (Pizza/beer break)
  • Stephen Salathiel from DSE presented some history on how they developed their Burns Assessment Tool and how they were making use of Python/ArcPy/TKinter to achieve this.
  • Nav Sushil from Lonely Planet talked about how they come up with their beautiful maps by making use of ArcGIS Desktop/Adobe Illustrator/Microsoft Excel & Word and issues they encountered along the way.

Was great to have such a good turnout and great talks for our first dev meetup. You can see some photos from the event here.

We will aim to have another one later in the year, so please register interest via our Meetup page.

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