ESRI Global Content – How to Publish a Mosaic Dataset to ArcGIS Server

This blog aims to highlight the fact that ESRI Australia staff are actively contributing to the content of the main ESRI Inc (US) web site, as well as our own. In fact ESRI Inc is pushing for all local distributors, across the globe to ramp up the amount of  ‘ESRI Global Content’ they submit.

Well, here is a link to our first contribution (of many…) to get the official sign off:

This document is a ‘How To’ which adds to the content found in ESRI’s ‘Knowledge Base – Technical Articles’ web page: ( In terms of subject matter, it covers the considerations and steps required for publishing Mosaic Datasets to ArcGIS Server. In light of the fact that ArcGIS 10 is the last release of the stand-alone ArcGIS Image Server product, this is the method we will use when creating image services from now on, and as such the document should hopefully be useful to many. To give a bit of background to this, the Image Service Definition (.ISDef) used by the standalone version of Image Sever  has been replaced  by the Mosaic Dataset. This can be published as an image service using the new ArcGIS Server Image extension and removes the need for a separate image server.

Please make sure you read the article and keep an eye out for more Australian content on the main ESRI website (there will be an Australian flag!).

John H

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