Ozri Update: Lighting up LiDAR

The latest from Ozri

This morning I presented a session on LiDAR in ArcGIS.  The focus of the session was storage, analysis and dissemination of LiDAR data.

I demonstrated just how LiDAR data can be QA checked by Using the Point Information tool, How LiDAR can be thinned using the LAS to Multipoint tool and how seamlessLiDAR data can be distributed to non GIS experts via ArcGIS Server Image Extension.

Visualized seamless ground LiDAR

I also show cased the new 10.1 Lidar tools which allow direct access to LAS data via a new data format called the LAS dataset. The LAS dataset allows users to visualise the point cloud in 3D and symbolise via elevation, classification and return values.

Point cloud visualisation

Gordon S.

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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