Ozri Update: Transcending Organisational Boundaries Session

The latest from Ozri

Phil Punter and I had our work cut out for us with this session with a title like “Transcending Organisational Boundaries” but in all seriousness, that word, “transcend” does encapsulate the spirit of what we were discussing and demonstrating earlier today.

The thesaurus offers up “rise above” and “go beyond” as alternates for transcend, and Phil’s thread throughout the session was all about just that –
the use of geographic relationships inherent in all information, a concept we call Location Intelligence.  Location intelligence leverages all four elements of GIS application technology:  visualisation, spatial analysis, data management and dissemination/integration.  The real benefit is having LI appear seamless throughout the work flow.

We illustrated that during the session with a demonstration of integration between the Appian Business Process Modeling Suite, and ArcGIS Server. In the demo we saw a multi-stage business process modeled in Appian, communicating with map, geometry, feature, geoprocessing and network analysis services from ArcGIS Server all through the REST API. The interface to the outside world was all about the process rather than the underlying technology. There was a map in the mix – but instead of it being the focus of the application, it was simply one of the outputs of the process.

Thanks to John Russell from Ibenox, the local distributor of Appian BPM Suite for his help in building the demo, and to everyone for coming along to the session.

Josh V.

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