Ozri Update: Letter to the Editor – 10 is Geotastic!

Editing has changed significantly in ArcGIS 10 so this afternoon Chris Graves and I conducted a workshop on some of the new features.  After looking at the new toolbar layout and functions, we got down and dirty and created new feature templates and investigated the new snapping functionality.

We then took a look at the new construction tools available with ArcGIS 10 and had fun with the participants drawing what they could see of Melbourne out of the window and figuring out which tools we’d use to create that in ArcGIS.  We also now know why these people are spatial professionals and not artists!!! 🙂

Finally we took a look at topology and how we can edit it both in the Geodatabase and use Map Topology to make the editing process easier.

The workshop was great fun for us (especially Chris’ best Eddie McGuire Who Wants to Be a Millionaire impersonation at the end!), and we hope the participants were able to walk away with a greater understanding of editing in ArcGIS 10.

Maree W.

To find out more about this presentation or topic, please contact us via email.

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